Faster, more efficient and error-free production in a single operation....

How can we offer you these advantages?
Thanks to our special multitasking machines, which combine CNC lathes and milling machines. Our specially trained employees think actively before, after and during production in order to produce your products quickly, efficiently and faultlessly.

One production run

Turning and milling in one operation has many advantages: It is faster, cheaper and reduces the tolerance limit. In our special multitasking machines, we can combine many materials and processes. This is faster, better and cheaper for you.

Combination of man and machine

A. Brans Metaalbewerking has an innovative machine park for multitasking. However, the man makes the machine! That is why we have well-trained specialists who know which product is best suited for which procedure on which machine. Of course, they will be happy to share their expertise with you!

More is possible

Multitasking makes more possible... You can produce products, which are more complicated, in a cheaper, faster and better fashion. Our innovative machines are capable of processing a variety of processes and materials. This gives you every opportunity for innovation. How? At A. Brans Metaalbewerking, we would be happy to think about it with you.

Your advantages

  • Delivery time: Multitasking reduces production time: No additional production run reduces unnecessary time losses.
  • Quality: Fast and high quality production thanks to Mazak Integrex.
  • Considering partner: Advice on multitasking for your products based on expert knowledge.
  • Cost advantage: Cost reduction through efficient planning, material use and production.
Producten multitasking

Machines, operations and materials

  • 7-axis Fanuc machine.
  • Turning and milling of stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics in one operation
  • Sizes: maximum diameter 250 mm
  • Refinement processes: hardening, shot peening, grinding, lacquering, anodizing, chemical blackening, nickel-plating, nitriding and (post-) chrome plating
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