Quality has its price. Nevertheless, that price is surprisingly attractive at Brans Metaalbewerking. We can achieve significant cost savings for our customers. Our secret? Our production processes are very efficient, also thanks to good tool maintenance, automation and unmanned production. Based on our expertise and experience, we can also think at an early stage about how we can implement your products effectively and efficiently. In addition, thanks to our 3D models in various software packages, we can visualize your product in advance. Thus, we do not experience any unpleasant surprises during the production process.

First think, and then do

Practical expertise is of central importance for Brans Metaalbewerking. We know the raw materials, processes and our machines through and through. In this way, we can actively support you in thinking about the best price-performance ratio in advance. For us, quality is an essential factor for cost savings. The lower the error rate, the less inevitable costs are incurred. In addition, smart purchasing, good tool maintenance, excellent planning and preparation contribute significantly to realizing cost advantages. Exactly for this reason, we at Brans Metaalbewerking always think first before we do anything....

3D visualization

What is the best way to do something and what do you need? Our engineers answer these questions in advance with real 3D visualizations. This enables us to get a complete picture of how your product is manufactured and what quality requirements it has to meet. It goes without saying that Brans Metaalbewerking, together with our customers, ensures that the requirements and specifications of a product are 100% clear. Thanks to our far-reaching digitization, we are able to cover these requirements well, so that the error rate is drastically reduced. This results in a lot of clarity and speed in the production process and improves the delivered quality.

Automation and unmanned production

With its innovative machinery and industrial robots, Brans Metaalbewerking is capable of turning, milling and even finishing various series, day and night, unmanned and continuously. This efficient working method contributes significantly to your considerable cost savings. With repeat orders, you can achieve a huge cost advantage.

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Brans Metaalbewerking – Onbemande productie