Professional skill: This is the basis of our work. At Brans Metaalbewerking, we manufacture high quality products and make sure that our customers are free of worries. Our family-owned company is built on this foundation. The metal industry is constantly evolving, which makes our industry so fascinating. This also means that, in addition to the "traditional methods of processing", we consciously opt for innovative working methods and machines. In this way, we can serve our customers even better and will continue to do so in the future!

Family-owned company

Brans Metaalbewerking has always focused on the customer. In November 1978, Toon Brans founded his one-man business in Bergeijk. In the first few years, he only carried out conventional methods. However, the technology changed over time. That is why the first CNC machine was purchased in 1986. It was the beginning of a whole series of innovations continuing to this day. Our machinery currently consists of various CNC rotation machines and automated machining centers. This also created room for growth. Through targeted investments in innovative machinery, Brans Metaalbewerking has always been one step ahead of its time. We think that is important. Not only because of the technical possibilities, but also because we want to offer our customers the best possible service, also in the future. This was also the reason for investing in loading stations and industrial robots.

In 2003, Rolf Brans took over from his father. This is a logical step, because he was already involved in the company from childhood on. Rolf now heads the team of 20 employees. Like his father, Rolf realizes that the man makes the machines. He is therefore proud to be able to count on the commitment of his expert and enthusiastic team. They have the knowledge and experience to produce all kinds of products and dedicate themselves daily to the peace of mind of our customers: Now and in the future!

Mission and vision

Brans Metaalbewerking is a professional, innovative and reliable partner. We keep what we promise and believe that our work can always be improved. This is why we are continuously improving our processes and organization in order to be able to deliver the best quality in the future. We want our customers to receive a good price-performance ratio: In our quality product, but also emphatically in process, delivery quality and cost-effectiveness. That is why we deliberately choose the role of a system supplier who advises and supports customers from A to Z!

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