Just in time delivery, flexibele levering, snelle levering, delivery on demand ….
Your delivery time and requirements determine our schedule. Naturally, we at Brans Metaalbewerking ensure that you always receive quality products on time. That is an accurate interaction between our people and machines. Our innovative machinery plays a major role in this. This allows us to produce unmanned for you on demand 24/7. And thanks to our 3D visualisations, this is done quickly, cost-effectively and without errors.

Innovative machinery

Brans Metaalbewerking deliberately invests in innovative machinery that enables us to implement your products faster, better and more cost-effectively. Among other things, we have machines with 4, 5, 6 and 7 axes, which produce products from all kinds of metals and plastics with different tools.

24/7 Production

Our machinery and our industrial robots make it possible to carry out old-fashioned workmanship with the latest technology. Brans Metaalbewerking has various 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers with a robot loading system. As a result, we are able to produce and refine different series, fully automatic and unmanned, in different materials around the clock. With our latest production line, we can combine and realize various tasks and orders unmanned around the clock. In this way, we combine the most modern techniques with our "old-fashioned" craftsmanship. This is exactly what motivates customers to work with us.

Brans Metaalbewerking – Onbemande productie

Working better and faster

Good preparation is essential for fast and error-free production. This is why Brans Metaalbewerking first creates an accurate, true-to-life 3D model of your product in the development or preparation phase. With the 3D software, package EdgeCam, our engineers carry out a complete simulation of machining processes such as milling and turning. In this way, we check in advance the producibility and quality of your product and avoid stagnation and errors in the production process. And also quite modern: We can read solids directly into EdgeCam and convert them into a partial program for the most suitable machine.